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     My integrated manual massage therapy is an in-home only therapeutic massage practice.  I use a blend of massage techniques, including stretching and suggestive self-care, to help your massage last as long as possible.  I will provide all that is necessary for your massage session; sheets, blanket, music, lotion, essential oils, table warmer,  and silicone cups for cupping.  If you require something different than what I provide, please feel free to ask me or you may supply the something you require, i.e., a more hypoallergenic lotion. 

     I provide a full 60, 90, and 120 minute massage. Since every minute is important to achieve your massage session goals, there must be time to get to know the client, hear their stories, and collaborate on their goals for the session. To achieve these goals, I will customize each massage to the individual client's needs using my knowledge of Swedish and integrative massage, orthopedic therapy, and neuromuscular therapy.

     My mission is to provide therapeutic massage in a professional, nurturing, and supportive manner where I can help my clients achieve rejuvenation, relaxation, balance, and body awareness.

Please book appointments 24 hours in advance; No same day appointments.  

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Dedicated to your health and well-being.






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